Sidharth Shah

FineAI is brainchild of Sidharth Shah. Sidharth lives in Mumbai with his wife and adorable daughter. Inspiration for FineAI came from Sidharth’s itch to keep in touch with field and expand his own knowledge in Artificial Intellegence.

Sidharth's Closeup Sidharth & Khyati Sidharth & Vyoma

Sidharth has founded Fafadia Tech since 2009. Sidharth holds MS in Computer Science from USC during his degree he was fortunate to work with USC’s ISI Group. You can checkout Sidharth’s LinkedIn Profile

Jimit Shah

Jimit is responsible for all artwork, graphics and everything creative at Jimit Shah is graduated from Mumbai University as an IT engineer. During his graduation he researched on ideas which he thought would make business. He was a cofounder of Opine Solutions and worked on it for a year. He with his team made the MVP and launched it on google market as ‘opine’.

Jimit's Closeup Jimit Shah Pondering Jimit Shah the Foodie

Always looking for a chance to meet people with different thoughts and fields as he believes listening from the horses mouth is the best knowledge to gain. He thinks creatively. He loves to hang around with friends and dance is his hobby. Currently working with Sidharth at Fafadia Tech. He is always interested in exploring new areas to work.