Drones used to be part of science fiction, today its a reality. Big Players & Small Players are crowding marketplaces to convince individuals and governments to buy drones. Humanity has been responsible for deciding fate of technological breakthrough – to use it for constructive or destructive purpose. We examine how drones co-exists with humans in this post.

Can Drones Be Constructive?

Following are some areas where Drone are making a difference today

  1. Agriculture: Precision farming is a growing trend in agriculture. Drones are making farmers lives a lot easier by letting them automate mundane task from Inspecting Crops, Watering Crops and even Increasing Yield

    Companies that are engaged in this sector include Precision Hawk, Aeryon , MosaicMill and Precision Drone

  2. Disaster Response: Insurance companies are trying to persuade regulators for use of drones to assess damage during disasters. Power of drone for relief has been witnessed: be it Haiyan relief efforts or Firefighting in California

  3. Healthcare: Variety of factors are speeding up adoption of drones in Heathcare. This ranges from delivery of drugs to patients to reduce human errors. Remote drug delivery or even Drone Ambulance are some of the possibilities that have emerged – scratching surface so to speak.

  4. Hollywood: Hollywood has always been pushing our imagination on what possible with technology. Lights, Camera, Drone is a great article that touches on this topic. BTW FAA has exempted Hollywood from no drone fly zone

  5. Environment: Biologist have used drones for conservation efforts and Whale Watching. There are some hindrances along the way but we think its more of a temporary setback

In conclusion this is just the beginning of fusion and chain of events that are to come. Man and technology have historically always had love and hate relationships. What are social implications & ethical implications? Well time will tell. At the end of day there is always a human controller at end of a machine. So its us not them! Have we missed anything on the list, have complementary opinions? Let us know in comments