This week we will be covering Tiny Robots, Smart Cities, Bionic Hands and Algorithms that generate story.

  1. The world’s most advanced bionic hand via Science Daily

    10 years EU Funded research leads to creation of a new bionic hand. Key breakthrough occurred when researchers created a neural interface from sensors in bionic hand to brain. Research effort was multi-disciplinary included members from materials, computer and neuro-science, biomedical microtechnology and electronic engineering.

  2. Tiny robot family via

    Curated collection of tiny robots using ATtiny, pager motors and photo transistors. Code, detailed component list and designs all can be found on this page.

  3. Story Generation Algorithms

    Story Generation Algorithms was coined around 2004. This is nice survey including early origins, current state and applications. Storytelling and creativity are some applications where story generation algorithms are used. Like most areas of AI, they have a long way to go.

  4. Clockwork City, Responsive City, Predictive City and Adjacent Incumbents via

    This post talks about Predictive Cities from prespective of Planning for Mass Transit, using predictive analytics for Policing. Article also covers how Uber is using predictive analytics to predict user’s Pickup and Drop off point. These set of tools would be immensely useful for city planners.