This week’s theme is Q&A systems.


    Watson was developed by IBM that went on to win Jeopardy. Article covers various efforts team have to take from building its “gambling mechanism” to building a corpus that can be used offline to build questions for various clues. A great read on current state of Q&A systems and how it could be used to improve businesses.

  2. Open Advancement of Question Answering Systems

    OAQA project was a joint effort between CMU & IBM. It provides set of tools and framework for developing QA systems. It has a nice walkthrough tutorial.

  3. CS 224U LING 188-288 Natural Language Understanding Spring 2014

    During Spring of 2014 a course on Natural Language Understanding was taught. Slides and reading are available. Understanding is an important concept that is required for answering various Q&A that are not derived using IR techniques.

  4. PDF: Learning to Solve Arithmetic Word Problems with Verb Categorization

    Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence is focusing on advancing AI systems – specifically creating an AI program that can pass a high-school tests including Biology and Math. This paper describes in detail on what it take to solve math problems from natural language description.