Been a while since we’ve updated the blog. This week we’re resuming our blogging effort. Lot has happend during out down time but here is what has been happening lately

  1. Ex Machina: Quest to create an AI takes no prisoners

    Ex Machina has a decent rating on IMDB. This article walks through different aspect of creating AI and Turing Test. Various complex aspect of turing tests are discussed in this article.

  2. PDF: Are You Talking to a Machine? Dataset and Methods for Multilingual Image Question Answering

    Bidu Research has comeup with a good system that takes Image/Visual aspect to Turing test. Given an Image can we program an AI that will allow us to ask questions related to that Image. Lot of these techniques have been successfull with Deep Learning Methods .

  3. Video: MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

    MIT has released another interesting video, they have programmed bot to jump with and without harness multiple jumps. This is interesting given biological aspects to robots is really hard. We have no clue, what DARPA is going to do with this technology.

  4. Making AI Fun: When Good Enough is Good Enough

    Good article talks about how to make AI programs more human. Walks through some retro stuff in order to gain answers to proposed questions.

  5. Wikipedia: List of Important publications in Computer Science (Aritificial Intelligence)

    Great collection of AI papers. MUST READ.